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As an avid animal lover, Sheena believes that it is the responsibility of humans to extend compassion and love for every living
being. From the day she started Rengé, she knew that giving back to animal welfare would be core to her business. We didn’t
wait till we made a profit to start donating, and we haven’t looked back since.

A brown rescue pony walking and grazing


Founded in 2018, The Backwater Sanctuary is a non-profit, committed to the successful rescue and rehabilitation of horses, ponies and donkeys suffering from abandonment, abuse or neglect, and to provide them with a safe home for retirement.

Through the Sanctuary the team oversees rescues, and hopes to increase public awareness of the level of abuse of equine animals in India. We fell in love with a little jenny called Bisous, and are now her forever sponsor.

To find out more about the sanctuary click here.

A black dog and a goat together, looking into the camera

The trust is a cage-less animal shelter which is home to birds, dogs, cats, horses, primates and more. Each animal has their own amazing rescue story which makes this trust even more special. Rengé donates a percentage of proceeds every month to Kalote.

To find out more about the sanctuary click here.

Two dogs looking up and waiting for a treat

Friendicoes is one of the oldest animal organisations in Delhi, working for the welfare of animals. Ever since Sheena can remember, she always felt a special connection with animals. Having set up our manufacturing unit in Faridabad in 2017, we witnessed the alarming and ever increasing population of street dogs.

We started by providing food and water for these animals. In November 2018, we initiated a campaign to spay and vaccinate as many dogs as we could. We understand that NGO's like Friendicoes need all the financial support they can get, so we decided to raise funding for this project through family and friends. We're proud to say that till date, we have spayed and vaccinated over 900 dogs.

To find out more about the sanctuary click here.

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