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Our Conscience

Rengé is committed to supporting causes in India relating to the environment and animal rights. Here are a few associations close to our hearts.


With 63 million people, India has the world’s highest number of people lacking access to clean water. Waterborne diseases alone cause more than 1600 deaths daily.
Benefactory is working to reach remote villages in India that report the highest rates of water-related illnesses and provide them with clean water to help lift them out of poverty. Access to clean water means education, income and health - especially for women and children.
Rengé in collaboration with Benefactory is helping provide clean drinking water specifically to rural villages in the Bharuch district of Gujarat. We do this by matching every donation you make. So every time you choose to donate at checkout, we match your donation. It’s that simple.
Your donations will sponsor low-cost, Sawyer filters that are specially designed to last a lifetime in rural areas. Even if we assume each filter lasts only 10 years, your every rupee can purify 1164 litres of water.
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The Backwater Sanctuary

Founded in 2018, The Backwater Sanctuary is a nonprofit, committed to the successful rescue & rehabilitation of horses, ponies & donkeys suffering from abandonment, abuse or neglect, and to provide them with a safe home for retirement.
Through the Sanctuary the team oversees rescues, and hopes to increase public awareness of the level of abuse of equine animals in India.
We fell in love with Luigi from the moment we saw him. Donkeys are some of the most abused animals in India. Lucky for Little Luigi he’s found a safe home at The Backwater Sanctuary. We are thrilled to be sponsoring him.
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Friendicoes is one of the oldest organisations in Delhi, working for the welfare of animals. Ever since Sheena can remember, she always felt a special connection with animals. Having set up our manufacturing unit in Faridabad in 2017, we witnessed the alarming and ever increasing population of street dogs. We started by providing food and water for these animals. In November 2018, we initiated a campaign to spay and vaccinate as many dogs as we could. We understand that NGO's like Friendicoes need all the financial support they can get, so we decided to raise funding for this project through family and friends. We're proud to say that within a span of 2 years, we spayed and vaccinated 401 dogs.  

We dream of a world where humans and animals get the respect and love they so deserve. Every step towards that dream, makes a difference and this is part of what call our soul work. 

Guardians of the Voiceless

As part of our mission to be involved with animal rescue, Rengé also donates on a monthly basis to THE GUARDIANS OF THE VOICELESS. Guardians of the Voiceless (GOV) is a non-profit organization in USA that was formed with an aim to provide education opportunities and better health to the less privileged children. It is also involved in rescuing street animals to provide them with shelter and better life.
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