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What Makes Us Who We Are?

What Makes Us Who We Are?

From the day we started Rengé, we knew that we wanted to be more than a fashion brand. We wanted to create change in the communities around us and support our stakeholders the best ways we knew how. 

Here are just a few things we do, that make us who we are:


Paying above minimum wage

We ensure job security for all our employees. They know that this is a job they can depend and rely on - and this helps us reduce attrition and keep our team small. 


Low inventory

We don’t produce thousands of pieces of each garment and leave them in a warehouse. We make each garment to order, which is why it does take us a few days to get your piece to you, and we appreciate your patience.


work at Renge

No sale policy

This is one that has been controversial but it’s one that we believe in and have stuck to. We don’t believe in luring customers in with discounts to buy a single dress, we believe in building relationships with people who love our brand and products. For us, consistency is important as is determining the value of each garment, which can’t change during a festive season!



We want every single person who loves our styles to be able to buy and wear Rengé no matter where in the world they are or what their shape or size. Customisations are a big part of our business and we have a lot of clients who come back to us because of this. We strive to get the perfect fit with each order. 


Love for animals

Some may say we love animals more than people, and that’s true most of the time! We are committed to helping those who can’t speak for themselves and in India, animals have a really tough time. We want to do everything we can to try to support the welfare of street animals and let them live the way nature intended.

Love for animals

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