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What Inspired Our New Collection

What Inspired Our New Collection

When it comes to creating new collections, Sheena looks to the world around her. This could be the amazing women she meets of all shapes and sizes, the places she visits or just people watching. She loves noticing the way people dress. Given that this past year has been a little bit different, Sheena chose to look inward for inspiration.

“With every collection I rely heavily on my imagination and often find myself daydreaming about the fall and fit of a silhouette I want to create. This collection is very close to my heart, as we gathered elements that are signature Rengé, notes from our customers about the kind of dresses that make them feel confident, and my love for travel.

We dreamt up silhouettes that felt as sun-kissed and sexy as an Italian sunset and as sensual and elegant as a Parisian cobblestone stroll. We hand stitched embroidered patches to dresses and tops, created trousers that fit like a dream and had fun playing with different types of sleeves.

We might be facing restrictions in our daily lives, however, this collection is a great reminder for us to dream big and run wild with those dreams. I want you to put on a midi dress and remember being kissed by candlelight or maybe a jumpsuit that reminds you of secret little corners in sleepy old towns. As we stay home this season and let our minds travel to destinations we've not yet laid eyes on, let this collection be a breath of fresh air to help transport you to wherever you dream to be.”

This just goes to show you that no matter how stuck or stagnant you might feel, there is inspiration waiting for you, maybe right outside your window


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