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Timeless Trends We Love

Timeless Trends We Love

If you’ve ever shopped with us, you know that we have a signature style and don’t really follow trends. We believe that fashion should be timeless and the pieces you buy should match your personality and style rather than seasonal trends. Each of our collections is carefully thought out and often inspired by a personal experience. For Sheena this year, she worked with her sister Krista, who has spent a lot of time in California, to create the California Dreaming collection that was bohemian, whimsical and feminine; inspired by their recent travels.

Here are some of our favourite timeless trends for every season.


Timeless Trends We Love


You can never go wrong with a good floral print. Starting at a subtle microprint and moving toward larger, bolder patterns; there is so much you can do with florals! Pair a bright floral top with muted neutral trousers or dress down a floral dress with flats and pulled back hair. Whatever you choose, we believe this trend is evergreen.

Floral picks: Elliot dress, Jenny skirt and Cali top


Timeless Trends We Love


If we had to choose one thing that defined our aesthetic as a brand, it might be our commitment and love for embroideries! Although this type of work is time-consuming and often intricate, we feel like embroidery just adds something special to a look and will never go out of style.

Embroidered picks: Scarlet dress, Alana top and Devina dress


Timeless Trends We Love

Statement sleeves

Voluminous sleeves have been having their moment in the sun, but by statement, we mean sleeves that simply catch your eye. Whether this is because of their size, fabric, colour or design, we love a good sleeve. Even the simplest outfit can be elevated when you throw on something with a statement sleeve, don’t you agree?

Statement sleeve picks: Barbie top, Sea Bluff dress and Rue dress


Timeless Trends We Love

Pastel colours

Even if you’re in the peak of winter, a pastel hue is always comforting and warming. Perfect for summer and well-suited to spring and fall, pastels are so easy to play with. You can always dress them up with a black mini skirt or go casual with denim jeans. It’s hard to go wrong with pastels and we love these feminine shades which is why we incorporate pastels into every collection we design.

Pastel picks: Aqua top, Ishika dress and Cali Cream dress

We’d love to hear what your favourite timeless trends are, let us know in the comments below!


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