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The Purest Kind of Love There is

The Purest Kind of Love There is

As you might already know, we have a really big soft spot for animals. If you’ve ever had a pet, you know that there is nothing more pure than your love for these little bundles of joy. Our Founder Sheena is a mom to 6 beautiful babies and we also have 4 indies who ‘work’ with us at our factory.

When we started Rengé we knew that animals had to be part of our story somehow. There are so many abandoned, injured, unloved and uncared for helpless creatures in this world - and we wanted to help them out any way we could. This is where our philanthropy starts. 

Being based in Delhi, we decided to reach out to Friendicoes, an NGO who has been working for the welfare of animals for years. They work on the adoption of animals, neutering and spaying as well as being home to the only cat sanctuary in Delhi. The work they do is selfless and noble, and each month we donate a portion of our proceeds to help them continue this great work.

Founded in 2018, The Backwater Sanctuary is an equine rescue and rehabilitation centre like no other. Located on the backwaters of Kabini in South India, the sanctuary works toward helping horses who have been abused and abandoned live a happy and healthy life. We are proud to say that we’ve become the forever sponsor of a little jenny named Bisous there! 

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