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Kidswear, but make it fashion!

Kidswear, but make it fashion!

After many months of dreaming and researching, sampling and stitching, we are so proud to announce that we are finally live with our very first kidswear collection! This has been a long time coming as we had so many moms asking us to make matching outfits for their little girls. After creating a few looks and seeing how adorable they were, we just couldn’t resist.

This collection is an extension of who we are and represents all the things that are important to us: sustainability, comfort, fit, style and design. Each piece has been thoughtfully crafted and produced to give your child a garment they will love to wear.

Although it may seem simple, you might be surprised to know that making clothes for children requires a very different approach from clothes for adults. We did months of research and created tons of samples to get the perfect fit and style. For example, we chose not to use zippers for children aged 4-12 and to select enclosures that were safe and easy to use. Children move in very different ways from adults which is why we had to ensure we wouldn’t cramp their style!

Getting the right size for each group was challenging but also a lot of fun. And even if our standard garment doesn’t fit your child, because each child is so unique, we offer free customisations so they can get the perfect fit. We learnt so much and we can’t wait to share this entire collection with you. Your kids should feel happy and comfortable when they put on a Rengé garment, just like you do.

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