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A Perfect Palentine’s Gift

A Perfect Palentine’s Gift

Whether you’re crazy in love or still searching, there’s no reason not to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the people you love! This year, we’ve created a list of the best gifts to share with those that mean the most to you so that you can show them you care in a way that is thoughtful and sweet. 

Oh, and did we mention that we also support animal welfare NGOs like Friendicoes? That means that every purchase you make with us directly benefits a stray animal. If that isn’t love, we don’t know what is!

For your best friend

We all know this woman. She goes above and beyond to be there for you and is your number one supporter and fan. She likes every Instagram post and will even comment with an obscene amount of emojis just to remind you how awesome you are! 

Gift: Gigi skirt + Strada top

Why: This co-ord is super cool yet sexy, and a fun set that feels like a real treat

A Perfect Palentine’s Gifts

For your work wife

You don’t know how you’d get through the workday without her. She’s the one you’re private messaging with during Zoom calls and the only person who truly understands how you feel about your boss. She also knows everything about your personal life, and your friend’s lives too.

 Gift: Leh top

Why: Casual yet chicly corporate, this shirt is perfect for video calls and the office

A Perfect Palentine’s Gifts


For the new parents

You love them to bits but now that they’ve got a new bundle of joy, they’re going gaga over swaddles instead of meeting you for Sunday brunch. Oh well, if you can’t fight them you might as well join them in their happiness right?

 Gift: Something from Little Rengé

Why: Babies are cute, but Rengé babies are even cuter!

A Perfect Palentine’s Gifts


For anyone and everyone

If you’re still unsure of what to get someone, why not choose our Rengé e-gift card? It’s perfectly flexible and 10% of all proceeds go to Friendicoes!

A Perfect Palentine’s Gifts

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